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Want to study in England? Apply for a Marshall scholarship - plus more scholarships

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Have you ever dreamed of going to school in another country?

I ran across an article about studying in England today on the Princeton University site. They are current and former Princeton students. However, this scholarship is available to students from all over. It is available for two years at any British University, for any field of study.

I have to say, this appeals to me so much. What a great opportunity! Studying in England would be a dream come true for me, and would also have been earlier in my life.

There is a long history to this scholarship. As the Princeton site explains,  the Marshall Scholarship was set up "in 1953 as a British gesture to the United States for the assistance received after World War II under the Marshall Plan."

Want to find out more about the Marshall scholarship? Check out their site:
The Marshall Scholarship website

Learn more/Sources:
Princeton University: Two win Marshall Scholarships to study in England
The Marshall Scholarship website
Penn State: Writing Personal Statements and Application Essays for the Marshall Scholarship
Dartmouth explains about Marshall Scholarships
BYU's tips for applying for the Marshall Scholarship

You may also like to find out about another famous program, the Rhodes Scholarship:
The Rhodes Scholarship. This scholarship is to Oxford.

A U.S. Scholarship that enables U.S. students to study abroad is  the Fulbright Scholarship program. There are more than one scholarship in this program. Find out more here:
Fulbright Programs

31 More scholarships that help students study abroad (from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network).

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