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Beautiful music scholarships for African-Americans and Latinos. more

Beautiful Music Scholarships for musical people...

Do you love music? Are you African-American or Latino? Here on the ASCAP page, there are scholarships for all ages and ethnicities.  Most of the scholarships on this page are for younger students, but a few are also available for older students.

Two of these are: (from the site)

The ASCAP Foundation Irving Burgie Scholarship was established to support an aspiring African-American songwriter from New York City. This annual scholarship is awarded alternately between the Berklee College of Music and the University of Southern California. It is funded by a gift from ASCAP member, performer, folklorist and community activist, Irving Burgie in celebration of the 50th anniversary of his song 'Day-O.'"


Rudy Perez, recipient of two consecutive El Premio ASCAP Songwriter of the Year Awards and a leading producer of Latin Music, has established The ASCAP Foundation Rudy Perez Songwriting Scholarship. This scholarship is presented annually to an aspiring Latino songwriter who demonstrates potential to produce creative and original work and also demonstrates financial need."

And here are more scholarship links:

Music scholarship links from
Music College Scholarships from the OEDb page.'s Scholarship Resources for Music Students/College

Music scholarships are often available by audition at your local college or university with a music program too. Inquire to find out more.

I hope these are helpful to an aspiring songwriter or music student.

Good luck on YOUR scholarship search!

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