Monday, November 7, 2011

Winning a scholarship - try for a LARGE one!

Question: if you are going to search for a scholarship, why not try for a big one?
Here are a few articles and pages about winning a LARGE scholarship.

#1: (From - Largest Dollar Amount Scholarships - this page has three scholarships listed, one for $10,000, which is for a Create a Greeting Card Scholarship.

#2: One large scholarship is for Interior Design Students - learn how Angela Lauer won this $30,000 scholarship. This article is at the University of Texas at Austin's site.

#3. The Ruth Lilly Poetry Scholarship has been split into more than one scholarship. You can apply through Poetry Magazine. Find out more here at the Poetry Foundation site:

#4. The Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships page at the FinAid site lists some big scholarships like Apple Scholars ($2,000), the Buick Achievers Scholarship (25,000), the Collegiate Inventors Competition (25,000 Grand Prize), Davidson Fellows ($50,000), and more. Check it out here: Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships.

There are more out there - send me the links you find! And sign up or search on some sites like FinAid, FreschFastAid, the Career OneStop Scholarship Search, FastWeb, BrokeScholar to find even more great (and big) links.

Good luck on your scholarship search!

Former Nontraditional Student (who wishes she had applied for lots and lots of scholarships when she went back to school!)

I hope these links below help you too:

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