Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The IDEX Fellowship Program in India - a great opportunity.

A new opportunity in India for recent graduates! 

And also a terrific opportunity, the Fellowship Program for IDEX in India helps people who want to learn more about helping the poor with development of programs in social enterprise. This opportunity is via Tina. I found out about this on Facebook.

Recent cohorts include people from these U.S. colleges: Beloit, Wesleyan, Dartmouth, the University of Georgia, and lots more. Other fellows come from all over.

Here is the original message: 

"Anyone interested in a year-long paid internship in social entrepreneurship in India? Contact Jennifer Baird (daughter of Pat Kyle, former WIS librarian, at jbaird@graymatterscapital.com.) It's the IDEX fellowship: http://www.idexfellows.com/"

Here is part of the description from the site:

Fellowship Program

"Filling the Talent Gap
IDEX Fellowship is designed to attract, develop and retain promising young professionals who will help lead the development of enterprises that serve the poor while creating a positive social impact. This talent pool is being cultivated in order to build the capacity of the social sector and the diverse enterprises, for-profit, nonprofit and quasi-public organizations that encompass it."

Sound interesting? You can find out a lot more from the site. Good luck!


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