Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa's Top Ten Scholarship Sites for 2011 - make that the Betsyanne Top Ten

Well, make that Betsyanne's Top Ten for 2011.

But wouldn't it be great if Santa Claus carried Scholarships and Grants to people as well as gifts? It WOULD be a terrific gift to get a scholarship this year, wouldn't it?

There are many scholarships listed on this blog you are reading. But the sites below are even better. Many of them have built-in databases, and can email you when a scholarship matches your criteria.

These are handy (and free) sites that you can go to anytime to register or just search for scholarships or grants you are interested in. #2 also has lists of internships. Many of the sites also include data for graduate students and provide articles and help for your scholarship search.

Here are my NEW Top 10 Scholarship and Scholarship Advice Sites for 2011:

1. The Fastweb site. This site is rated #1 on more than one website and blog.
2. The Fatomei/Dr. Torres pages. These pages have links to unusual and hard-to-find scholarships, grants, and much more.
3. (of course!) The Official U.S. FAFSA page. This is the FREE and original page. You can find scholarships and grants here by filling out your information.
4. (mine) The Nontraditional Student Scholarship pages one and two. These and other sites are listed here.
5. The CollegeNet Mach 25 site. This is another great database.
6. FastAid Free Scholarship Search. Another good site.
7. The Fresch Info. site. This site has articles, links, and advice.
8. Links at the Scholarship Page. You will have to check these links out. Some are credit card sites or only for online students.
9. The Know How to Go website - check here with questions, links to other state sites, and learn how to go to college.
10. - this site has many pages for different careers and state scholarships. The entry page here also has MANY more sites with scholarship links too.

Well, that's it. I hope that Santa is good to everyone who reads this blog this year.

And please list YOUR favorite scholarship info. sites so I can add them next time I have a list to share. Or share your comment below. Your name is your blog or site link there.

Thanks! And have a GREAT holiday.


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Thank you for visiting my blog today! It is always VERY appreciated.

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