Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Dr. Torres Database - good for a close look. It has many different categories.

How to read and navigate the Torres/Fatomei database.

On the surface, the Dr. Torres/Fatomei database doesn't seem to have a lot to it. BUT it has been online for a long time, and has some very useful links in it that other websites don't have.

The title when you get to the site, High School Seniors: College Scholarships, Student Financial Aid, describes the page well. You need to scroll down past the ads then, to see the quality links below them.

For me, since I am not a high school senior, the links at the right side of the site are much more interesting. Some of these include African Americans, Minorities, Native Americans, Women, Arts and Humanities, College and Graduate School, Medical School, and Nationally Coveted, just to name a few.

Just click on these categories to see what is listed there. Here is a screen shot of the site to help you see the different areas.

The right side links are easy to see, and have grey shading.

You can also see the Google ads there. When you scroll down past them, you will see K-12, College Scholarships, etc. Below this are the actual Dr. Torres links.

This site is a treasure trove of many kinds of scholarships, grants, awards, fellowships, and internships. I like the way everything is available for you to see and how it is classified. It is very up-front and easy to read too.

Let me know what you find by leaving a comment.


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