Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance - it's worth a good look.

This website (the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance) contains 2,245 federal assistance programs that "include all Federal programs available to State and local governments."

Today is the first day I have seen this site. How interesting!

For my readers who want to find grants and scholarships, there is a search box on the upper right that I used to search for scholarships first. I used the word "scholarship" as my first search term. Then I put Guaranteed/Insured loans in the next box. Nothing.

Then I left the top blank and searched Training. I found a link for Native Americans to attend post-secondary schools. It tells the forms and application deadlines too.

Here is that page again:
The Catalog of Public Assistance.

I tried again, leaving the top blank and searching for Project Grants. Included here are some Graduate Fellowships, Tribal Colleges Education Equity Grants, Secondary and Two-Year Postsecondary Agriculture Education Challenge Grants, and more.

Try it out! And let me know what you find.


PS Thanks, imisidro on Yahoo, for your great answer to a Yahoo question here. You had this link in your answer, and I went to check it out. What a great suggestion. And I like how you explain about grants too. Readers, you will definitely want to check this page out too.

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