Thursday, August 9, 2012

Scholarships: try all avenues, including the school you are interested in.

Hello, scholarship and grant hopefuls!
A signpost for getting money. From 401K (212) on Flickr.

A word of advice for today. 

Besides checking out the scholarship sites online, be sure to check directly with your school to find private scholarships good only at your school.

These scholarships may not be advertised, and are available only if you are getting ready to attend a certain school. You must ask an advisor about them.

These kinds of scholarships are sometimes available for the arts (you try out or show a portfolio) or they can be needs-based (fill out an application and then you find out if you are eligible).

Sometimes local businesses offer scholarships and want the recipient to live locally or go to a local school.

So... ask! Get an appointment with an advisor or ask via email or a letter if you are attending online-online classes.

And good luck!


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