Monday, August 27, 2012

The redesign of the FAFSA page - it looks good! Plus links there to scholarships and grants.

Hi, Scholarship and Grant Seekers!
Pavel Ševela / Wikimedia Commons

I went to the official FAFSA page today to see if I could find out which scholarships they have on their site.

I knew they had some, but wanted to get specific.

I found the FAFSA Grants and Scholarships page there which is here, and they list the Federal Pell Grant, the FSEOG Grants (Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants), the TEACH grants, and the Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants.

These definitely are worth a look.

They also have PDF's there you can download to your computer. (Hint: put these on your desktop so you can remember where they are, unless you are used to another method. This works well for me.)

Their Quick Links on this page look good too. These include: Aid for Military Families, Loans, Work-Study Jobs, and Basic Eligibility Criteria.

So... if you have not read all these pages at the official FAFSA site, I would recommend them for sure.

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And good luck finding a grant or scholarship!

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