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My big list of Art scholarships A plus some art advice.

So, are you an artist? Do you know one? Here is some advice and some websites for you.
Altered Art by Vicci the Weather Pixie at the moon stars and paper blog.

First, know that many art schools have in-house scholarships. If you have chosen an art school already, then check with the Art Department or your advisor to find out what the school offers. They also may have residencies, work-study programs, graduate assistantships, and more.

You can sometimes also find these resources at your school's website.

Do you have an online portfolio? It can only help you. Of course, you will probably be making one at your school too, like teachers do. It will be a valuable tool to help you get a job or clients later on also.

Have you been in a show yet? Get some work together and apply to be in a public show or enter some local contests. Join a local art group or two. These things help you get noticed and meet other artists and collectors too.

And it does NOT hurt to read up on what you love.

Here are some online resources to help you too.

Sources for Individual Artists - from the WomenArts site.

The Kentucky Foundation for Women Artist Enrichment Page

WKU in Bowling Green, Kentucky offers the Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Arts Award, and has links tot the Trans Artists site (an Artist in Residence Guide) and many more scholarships. They have a great art program there. Here is another scholarship page.

Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut offers scholarships and assistantships. Check this page out to learn more.

Yale also has this scholarship posted on their site. It is a $10,000 scholarship from The Gallery Collection. The winner designs a greeting card that they pick. The deadline for this one is January 6, 2013.

The GoCollege site has a Creative scholarships page (Art) which mostly gives advice on how to apply for scholarships.

Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts has a Graduate School of Design. They offer aid to both US and International students. Their financial aid page is here.

The Art Institute of Philadelphia has a great scholarship page here.

Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts has a great program. They also offer scholarships. Here is their Assistance Programs page and the VSU Scholarships page.

Scholarships for Emerging Artists

St. Olaf College has scholarships for exceptional artists. They are located in Northfield, Minnesota.

Virginia Commonwealth University offers many links to scholarships and grants for their school here.

Grants for Art Students - from the College site

James Madison University offers Art scholarships here. They are located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. 

The Fulbright program also includes artists.

The Oedb site includes some great art college scholarship links.

The site has a great list here of Art Scholarships.

The American Center for Artists lists links on this page.

Mira's List looks like a good source for scholarships and other opportunities.

Many schools now offer both online and in-person classes. Let me know what you find out, and other schools you would like to add to this list.


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