Monday, October 29, 2012

Winning a scholarship - some tips from a great Fastweb article.

Another great article from Fastweb: 12 Tips on Winning a Scholarship.

I like these tips. My favorites are: #6: Don't miss deadlines. It sounds simple, but you may have a perfect essay or application, and not even be considered, just because you are late for the deadline. Your application may wind up in the circular file, also known as the wastebasket.

#9: Personalize your essay and be passionate. Yes! This is a great suggestion too. Being passionate and excited about what you are writing about will show the committee that you have your own voice, and will set you above other applicants.

Also, an interesting application will be a welcome addition to the many these people have probably already read (boring ones!).

I personally would add another suggestion: Keep on keeping on - - keep on filling out applications, keep on looking for more scholarships to apply to, and keep yourself motivated.

There are students out there who have paid for their whole college experience by applying for scholarships and grants.

Here is that link again:
12 Tips on Winning a Scholarship - Fastweb

Good luck!


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