Friday, November 30, 2012

Great Scholarship blogs - subscribe and get the scholarship news on time.

There are some great Scholarship blogs that send out emails with lots of good links in them that I subscribe to.

You can too. Just sign up on each site to receive email when each posting is made.

Here are just a few:
Planning and Preparing for College - C. Herd and the artivist list all kinds of different scholarships here and regularly update their blog too.

The Scholarship Dude - Judge Joe Barsch - this well-documented blog has much information on scholarships from all over, plus an Advice and Articles section. College Admissions - there is much good advice here about colleges, scholarship essays, and more. The site also has other very useful pages for scholarship seekers. Another is the Business School page. and the Graduate School Guide.

What is great about all these sites is that you can sign up for notices right in your inbox. That way you don't miss any of the articles or deadlines for scholarships.

Good luck in your scholarship search!


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