Monday, December 10, 2012

Some scholarship links from

I like the site. There are some great writers on there.

Plus there is some great information - - very handy for scholarship seekers.

My favorites are Jamie Littlefield, who does the Distance Learning pages, and Deb Peterson, who does the Continuing Education Guide.

There are many different (and good!) Guides at this site, and there are many scholarship links there to explore.

Here are some more scholarship links you might like from the site:
Tips for Getting College Scholarships

Google Scholar

How to Search for Scholarships Online

College ADHD Scholarships

10 Professional Groups that Offer Business Scholarships

College Scholarships for First-Generation and Underrepresented Students

College Scholarships for International Students and non-Citizens - 17 Scholarships

Types of Financial Aid for Graduate Students

23 Unusual Scholarships
Video: How to get an Athletic Scholarship

Financing Student Travel

Paying for College and Financial Aid

Big Money College Scholarships


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