Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Some Religious Scholarships and good search websites

Do you want to go into a religious field - - to become a minister or pastor?

There are many diverse scholarships out there to help you.

Here are just a few:

Christian Scholarships at Scholarships.com

Religious Scholarships and Grants at the ScholarshipsandGrants.us site - also they have a List of Religious Education Major Scholarships at this site.

General TheologicalAtheist and Agnostic, and Pagan and Wiccan Scholarship links are at the collegescholarships.org site.

More Christian Scholarships are listed at the OEDb site, as well as Muslim Scholarships.

Boy Scouts who are Catholic can apply for these scholarships at the Nesa.org site.

You will be able to apply for many different kinds of scholarships (such as religious scholarships or other ones) when you register at free search sites like the Official FAFSA site and also Fastweb.

Another useful sites to check for religious scholarship links is the Dr. Torres/Fatomei site.

Good luck in your scholarship search!


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