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A few music scholarship pages (U.S.) to check out

Love music? You can find music scholarships at many colleges across the nation.
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Check a school near you. It is possible you can audition with voice or instrument to get a scholarship. Just ask someone in the music department.

Secondly, apply for a Music Scholarship at your choice of school.

The FAFSA application (see here for a great new tips video about that) is your first avenue. They have scholarships and grants that they will tell you about when you fill it out if you qualify.

Here are just a few links to get your started on that dream music scholarship.

Financial Aid at Juilliard (Dance - Drama - Music)

Interlochen Center for the Arts  Programs (grades 6-12)

The Oberlin Conservatory of Music is very prestigious. Check out their scholarship page too.

Check out the Wikipedia listing of colleges and university schools of music in the United States. You can click on your state to find out more.

What is your favorite music college? Just go to the site, and check their Scholarships and Financial Aid pages. And good luck!


The very best on your scholarship search.

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