Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Why doing your official FAFSA may bring you a scholarship or grant (with new video)

Here is the OFFICIAL FAFSA page:


The FAFSA website has another page there that explains why you can be considered for scholarships and grants after you fill it out:

And here is a useful video to help you fill it out.

The video above talks about "you and your parents" but you can also fill this out by yourself, of course.

It covers renewal options, what you will need with you when you fill it out, and talks in a simple, step-by-step way, and warns you that all the application is free.

This form automatically updates for the next year for the next school year.  This video is just the beginning Others follow. Just click on the link under the title that says "2013-2014 7i Easy Steps to the FAFSA - Start Here" and the other 19 videos will be shown to you in a list.

Scroll down for Step 1, and then Steps 2-7.

I hope you find these valuable.

There is another copy of this video about how to fill out your FAFSA form on my Scholarships page Two here.

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