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My favorite Scholarship links, plus tips, and more. Hi to new readers!

Here are a few of my favorite Scholarship postings:

The Top 5 Scholarship Links and Leads 

Don't get Ripped Off Trying to get a Scholarship

My Five Most Popular Postings

And here are some more tips to get your started on your scholarship search.

#1. Register on one or more scholarship sites, like FastWeb or FastAid.

#2. Do your FAFSA form to find out what loans, grants, or scholarships you may qualify for.

#3. Keep an organized list of the places you have applied for grants and scholarships.

#4. Search this site using the box at the left side to find out more links to use.

#5. Go to the sites (below) AND the Dr. Torres' pages and explore.
Here are some interesting sites that have scholarship links:
College Apps, Business Majors, U.S. Military, Psychology, College, Gradschool, and Adulted/Continuing Education/Lifelong Learners. Search for more right at the main page.

Tip: most good Scholarship and Grant pages should give FREE advice. Don't pay if you don't have to.  And don't be fooled by fake FAFSA pages or For Profit schools whose credits don't transfer. Do the extra work and research to be sure you are paying for "quality credits."

Hi to new readers and older ones. And good luck finding scholarships, grants and more!

Former Nontraditional Student

Check my Nontrads Scholarship pages:
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Scholarships Links and Tips Page Two

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