Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Search Tips for College Scholarship and Grant Seekers

Summer Scholarship Searching - 7 Tips for Scholarship Seekers
Depending on what you have going on, a job, Summer Session classes, or other responsibilities, summertime might just be the PERFECT time to start a new Scholarship search.

Here are some tips for the first-time scholarship searcher and also for the semi-pro.

#1. Be organized - keep a file drawer and keep track of deadlines. Scholarship donors are very strict about their deadlines, and there can be no do-overs on this until next year.

#2. Make sure you sign up for and apply for more than just a few scholarships or grants. The more you apply for, the better the chance you will win one or even more.

#3. Use quality (and free!) Search Websites to help you find scholarships that you are wanting. Some of these include the popular site, along with Fresch, FinAid, FastAid, and others.
More quality sites are listed here:
Scholarships Links and Tips Page One
Scholarships Links and Tips Page Two

#4. Make sure you use the Federal Student Aid Pages to fill out your OFFICIAL FAFSA form. Don't pay to apply, your FAFSA is free. And keep your PIN number in a safe place.

#5. Carve out a certain amount of time per week to work on your Scholarship search. Stick to it. You'll be surprised how many applications you will eventually get done that way.

#6. Check ALL your inboxes, including your Spam and Trash folders to make sure you are receiving all your email from online Scholarship sites.

#7. Don't give up! You will never win a scholarship unless you try, try, try.


That's it for today! Good luck in your scholarship and grant searches this week.

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