Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Exploring Music Scholarships online

Here are some great links and pages from quality sites for Music Scholarships.

Here is the famous Interlochan Scholarship:

Music Scholarships at - there are many to choose from here and lots to browse too.

Berklee College of Music Scholarships - I don't know a lot about this school, but they have some funding you can access.

 McNally Smith College of Music scholarship page - ditto.

The University of Utah College of Music scholarship page. They also have scholarships for Marching Band, I notice. This is a fun activity if you have not already tried it. I was in a Marching Band in college and met great friends there.

ASCAP Foundation Awards

Missouri Undergraduate programs

Do Google your area plus "Music Scholarships" and see what you get.

And here are some more sites, tried and true:

Interlochen Summer Programs: Scholarships and Financial Aid
(for High School students, I believe..)

From the website: "Interlochen's financial aid program is intended to help provide outstanding young artists some assistance to further their artistic development. Interlochen is able to provide financial aid to approximately 25% of its campers. No family should be discouraged from applying to Interlochen Arts Camp because of lack of funds. We welcome a broad cross section of families who believe in their children and in their ability to succeed."

And here is more: Interlochen Arts Academy

Boston University - financial aid for Graduate Students

And be sure to register at Fastweb. They can hook you up with scholarships and even send you notices about them. Here is their Music Page:

Don't forget to fill our your FAFSA form too. They may have scholarships and grants you have not seen yet.

Here are a couple of other articles you may like:

Music Scholarship Links - a LONG list.

Why doing your official FAFSA may bring you a scholarship or grant


And be sure to check out my Nontrads Scholarship pages:
Scholarships Links and Tips Page One

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