Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Search for scholarships, using Twitter. You might be surprised at the results!

This week on Twitter - some new #scholarship links.

It's easy to find new scholarship listings on Twitter. Some are actually Scholarship companies that tweet about these, but others are students, and also schools.

So... like looking other places online, check who is posting, check for worthy posters, and do your homework on the kind of scholarships these are.

And I hope some of these are perfect for you!

Here are some to get your started:

5h Deadline for US citizens to apply for a is tomorrow, 15 Oct, midnight (UK time)!! 

6h6 hours ago
The fantasy of college sports scholarships

Fulbright Master Scholarships, AMINEF - USA ~1014

Top 3 Reasons why it's hard to motivate your child to apply for scholarships (and the solution!)

Meet the university that gives athletic scholarships to video gamers

Oct 10
Thanks to some amazing partners, we offer a variety of scholarships for both and . Learn more:

Oct 9
A5 is a great website for helping students find scholarships.


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