Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Have you applied for a #scholarship yet? What might be stopping you from applying... roadblocks.

Roadblocks for Scholarship Seekers

If you are like me, dreaming about a scholarship is about the closest you will get to getting one this year. Why is that?

I think I can come up with several reasons for myself. I wonder if these are reasons others have too.

#1. If I spend the time on applying for a scholarship, it probably won't be me that is chosen. Reasons? Age, I won't be the best fit, I will answer a question wrong, or who knows.

#2. I am not sure I want to go back to school again anyhow.

#3. If I get a scholarship, I'm not sure how long it will continue.

#4. It will take such a long time to fill out the form(s), I don't know if it will even be worth it.

#5. I can't decide what KIND of scholarship I want.

Sound familiar?  I write these partly because sometimes I actually think I should apply, even though I have made roadblocks for myself. Will I do it?
Well, Maybe. (See #5...)


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