Thursday, January 15, 2015

FAFSA time for 2015, finding scholarships at the Nontrad pages, and searching here at the blog.

Have you filled out your FAFSA?

It's time. I thought about it myself, but want to wait a bit IF I go for a #scholarship or #grant.

Here is a copy of the official website:

Remember, NEVER pay to do your FAFSA. There are some companies that help, for a fee. But you don't need to go that way.

Want to find more scholarships? Just use the search box at this blog. Put in the kind of scholarship you want. I have lists, and postings about many kinds of scholarships here.

Try the links at the left and right here too.

Or go to the Nontraditional Student Scholarship Search pages, and sign up for some great and free services to help you find them.

Here they are:

Scholarships Links and Tips Page One, and

Scholarships Links and Tips Page Two

I have recently redone these pages. And talk about it here.
Redone: The Nontraditional Student Scholarship Pages

Thank you for visiting my blog today!


And the BEST of luck on your scholarship search. :-)

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