Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Redone - the #Scholarship pages at the Nontraditional Student website.

I am redoing this site, and have some great (checked) scholarship links to see.

Check my (redone - updated) Nontrads Scholarship pages here: 

Scholarships Links and Tips Page One

Scholarships Links and Tips Page Two

These sites are not just for nontraditional students (who are going back to school after a break). they are for everyone in the U.S. and some are for international students too.

I am currently working on updating all of the other pages too. Be sure to refresh your browser when visiting here. Thanks!


And here are a few recent postings here to explore:

Get ready for 2015... January 1st, and your official FAFSA application. - information from the Planning and Preparing for College site.

A new to me Scholarship Search site - - via Chegg, called Zinch.

Have you applied for a #scholarship yet? What might be stopping you from applying... roadblocks.

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