Monday, February 16, 2015

Another great site to find out about scholarships -

I have signed up for a few different newsletters. You can sign up for these at many of the pages.

Money for school: we like it! does not make you click incessantly to go to a new photo or anything; their links are on their articles.

Yes, they do have ads on their pages, but I don't mind it. AND each page has other links on it that may be of great interest to my readers.

Here are a few of their pages and articles you might like:

College Apps

U.S. Government Assistance and Grants

Business Majors: free money for college

International Students

Scholarships for Psychology Students - where to look

25 Nursing Scholarships

Top 5 Grant and Scholarship Resources for Minorities

AND there are more. Enjoy!

When you are done exploring there, here are my Nontrads Scholarship pages:
(Redone recently too!)

Scholarships Links and Tips Page One, and

Scholarships Links and Tips Page Two

And my Nontraditional Facebook page is here, for students going back to school after a break.

Money for school: we like it!

The BEST of luck on YOUR scholarship and grant search!


FYI: Some of my other websites and blogs are: The Nontraditional Student Blog and website, GS Betsy's E-blast (for Kentuckiana Area 17 and Beyond), From the Garden Spot (another Betsyanne blog), and The Teacher Tree (I will be working more on this one later this year).

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