Monday, February 23, 2015

Today on Twitter - #scholarships, #grants, and websites, some WKU ones too.

I have skimmed Twitter today and have a few interesting links for my readers. (Plus... how you can search there too...)

I am not putting in weird or dodgy links, or ones you have to sign up for or pay for, just ones that look good. (Of course!) AND I have found some nearby (WKU) ones I especially like. And just stuck one in here from Wisconsin too.

Read on to see how you can search Twitter anytime to find tweets you are looking for. (At the word: IMPORTANT further down on this posting).

But you may already be searching here regularly. I think it's definitely worth going to every so often.

These are just the tip of the iceberg of sites and scholarship and grant opportunities on Twitter every day. More and more colleges and universities are starting to get savvy about social media, and that is VERY good if you are searching.

19h19 hours ago
The Rhodes scholarship wasn’t designed for my people — that’s why I had to win

Congrats 26 Cherry Presidential Scholarship winners! Check out too!

The scholarship strategy that could save you $40K on college

Don't worry, , we can and do advise scholarship applicants via email, phone, and Skype when deadlines draw near.

The application deadline for the University of Wisconsin-Fond du Lac Foundation scholarships is April 1.
education is the way to improve things everywhere and I think will lead to greater understanding between countries too.
Maha Umar says she's thankful for this 2 continue higher . She is USAID recipient 
The BEST of luck in all your scholarship and grant searches. 

***IMPORTANT: ***YOU can also search Twitter. AND you don't have to be a member there to do that.

To search Twitter for your state, country, or kind of scholarship, just put "scholarship" and your state or country name in the search box. 

Here is the Twitter link:

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