Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Top Ten list of College Scholarship and Grant Sites

I like to talk about my favorite scholarship search sites. This is my first Top Ten list.

 My Top Ten List
of Scholarship and Grant Sites

#1. The official FAFSA page at This page is a must for people who want to see what loans or grants they can get via the U.S. government.

#2. The FastWeb site at This site is now celebrating its 15th anniversary. It is a free site, with many different scholarships listed. You register there and FastWeb matches you up with the scholarships that most fit your profile.

#3. The site  at This site has been recommended on many other websites as being a quality site with many links and resources. 

#4. College Scholarships and Online Degrees and Scholarships - - these two websites are owned by the same people. If you link to them on your page, they will help you learn about how to promote your site. They also have great information and link pages on their sites, plus even more specialized websites too.

#5. The FastAid site at Their link here explains how the FAFSA works, and also give tips to international students and has 10 questions you can ask your Financial Aid Administrator.

#6. Fresch at Fresch has a big database of over 450,000 awards, plus many other information pages for scholarship hunters.

#7. The Grants Site at This site has a huge number of grants, a special resource page, and more. From the website, "Today, is a central storehouse for information on over 1,000 grant programs and provides access to approximately $500 billion in annual awards."

#8. The College Board Pay for College Page at This page answers many questions - - such as How Financial Aid Works, and Top Questions for the Aid Office. It is a free site too.

#9. The Mapping Your Future Resource Page at This page contains 16 links to great scholarship resources. They already have FastWeb listed too.

#10. Last I list my two resource pages on the Nontraditional Student website, which feature more scholarship and grant links too. These pages are here:
The Scholarship Links Page One at, and The Scholarship Links Page Two at You will also see advice here on how best to fund your education.

I hope you find this list useful. Please let me know what scholarship and grant sites you like too - and your successes if you use this list. Good luck!

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