Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Squidoo and scholarship links

Ok. Back to the subject. 

Here are three pretty good Squidoo scholarship link lenses.

I have been busy with Squidoo lately. I build lenses, I comment on other people's lenses, I check my numbers, I so assignments for RocketMoms, and more.

Today I searched for the term "scholarships" here for the first time, and voila! I found some good lenses written to help people looking for scholarships of all kinds.

I am sharing the best ones here with you.

#1. Scholarships for Women This lens includes a poll you can vote in, plus hints on how to best apply for scholarships.

#2. Top Ten College Advice, Funding and Planning Websites. The other title to this lens is Where to go for College Test Prep, Admissions Advice, and Financial Aid. I do like this lens.

#3. Teacher Student Loan Cancellation - This site explains just how you can qualify for this Federal program. It also tells teachers and future teachers which schools are officially classified as Low-Income schools.

The websites here are quality ones with .edu or .org in many of the names. There are some here I want to put on the Nontrad Site as good links to explore. I think you will like these lenses too.

All for now!

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