Monday, July 12, 2010

Official U.S. scholarship and grant sites

You can trust the U.S.government blogs and websites that give information about scholarships and grants. Here are some of them: - the Student Gateway to the U.S. Government
This site has information about military service, career development, and how to plan and pay for your education. Check it out here: This site also has links to all kinds of other government sites.

FAFSA - the official site. Don't be lured in by sites that offer to help you (in return for payment, of course). This site is the REAL FAFSA site.

Here is a new site, the College Preparation List. Here is the Adult Student version: There is a link here on how to get your GED and also a link to find a college that matches your interests.

The Federal Aviation Administration site - - scholarships page. This page has links to Aviation and Minority scholarships, plus more. Here is the page:

And here is another one I have never seen until today: The site is here: You can look up topics like benefits, civil rights, and education here. Under Education, I found a separate page on scholarships. Here is that page:

Have another government page you would like to add to this list? Add it as a comment. Are you looking for a scholarship or grant? What works for you?


Find more scholarships at the Nontrads site - Scholarships links page one and Scholarship links page two. These are all free links and sites.

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