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Scholarships and debt - plus some hope for debt problems

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Scholarships... and debt.

Do you have high levels of debt? Scholarships can help, but sometimes to go back to school you need to take out a loan.

Of course, if you have been reading this blog, you know to first go here: The Nontrad Scholarship pages, to find free scholarship links. AND you know that going to the official (free) FAFSA site is your first step to find scholarships and grants available to you.

But maybe you also would like to hear a story about how a couple got rid of their debt burden. You can do it too. You do not have to hire anyone (there are lots of free services out there) but you do need a plan.

Before or after you are in school, if you take care not to charge a lot to credit cards, this can help. Having a part-time job can also help. Buying a house that is affordable goes a long way towards debt peace of mind as well.

Calling credit card companies in person and arranging a payment plan for you OR paying the whole thing at once (through negotiation with the company) can be great options too.

Here is an uplifting story from the Yahoo pages about a couple that took care of their debt problem after 30 years. Carole and Don Carroll: Debt-Free After 30 Years

Hopefully you won't have a lot of debt after you get out of school. But if you do, don't lose heart. You CAN get rid of debt. A little at a time, that debt total can go down until you are completely out of that trap.

I hope this posting was helpful. Do you have a tip about getting out of debt, finding money in school, and/or saving money? List it as a comment here. Thanks!


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