Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Special scholarships you may qualify for

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Three good scholarship sites and pages.

I decided to research .org sites today. I often find great links there, because .org sites are much more likely to be concerned with good information, and really do try to help people more than most .com and .net sites.
Here are some pages from sites I found today.

#1. The Secret to Winning a National Federation of the Blind Scholarship. I liked the title of this. And it comes from the National Federation of the Blind website. I read it, of course, to find out the secret. It turned out to be "apply" and "read the directions" mostly. But you must also attend an official convention too. The article lays out all the steps necessary and tells you where to get an application too.

#2. Scholarships for Skilled Golfers - the College Scholarships.org site explains what you need to do to win a golfing scholarship. They list the best schools AND the first step in applying, which is to register with the NCAA's Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse. They also suggest getting videos of your playing to show to recruiters or colleges.

#3.  The Brooklyn Public Library Links List - Eureka! This list is full of great finds. One is the Black Excel site - 25 scholarship links, another is the Sallie Mae free scholarship search page. This link list has so much on it that looks very interesting.

Let me know if you get a scholarship from these. I hope you do!


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