Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some great free links from the Scholarship Pages at the Nontrad site

Some good Scholarship sites...
For those of you who do not read the Nontrad site, I am going to list several of the best free scholarship sites I have there.
#1. The Fatomei pages - the Dr. Torres Database: this site has lots of information, all searchable. It also contains  research grants, minority scholarships, postdoctoral awards, study abroad information and lots more. Here is that link: The Fatomei Pages/Dr. Torres Database pages.

#2.  The FastAid site lets you search for free on their big database.

#3.  The Fresch site is also a great free resource.  You can also check out their free resource pages too.

#4.  The famous Career One Stop pages (used for employment searches) has a little-known Scholarship page too, where they have more than 5,000 scholarships listed.

#5. No list would be complete without the Fastweb pages. They not only have a free scholarship search database, but they have articles too.

You can check out all the links on the Nontrad Scholarships page one and page two. 

I also have written about scholarships at Squidoo with Scholarships Online for Students. There is a good video there about filling out the FAFSA too, made by Fastweb Insider Secrets on YouTube. Just scroll down to see it on the website, or go to the link.

Good scholarship hunting! Until next posting,

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