Monday, December 20, 2010

10 great links for scholarships and grants...

Here are 10 great links to explore when looking for scholarships and grants.

#1: The Federal Money site. This site features BOTH scholarship and grant links.

#2: Scholarship Experts - this site is recommended by the Free College Blog, which I just discovered today.

#3. The Fin Aid Scholarship site is another quality site you will like.

#4. The Sallie Mae Scholarship search page is another great resource. They also have a Facebook application you can access here.

#5. Fastweb now has a Degree Scholarship Finder page they call Degree Finder. You just put what you are interested in, and Fastweb lets you know what kinds of assistance is available.

#6. is another official government portal site that has links to money in scholarships, grants, and help for U.S. and foreign students.

#7. The Minority Nurse site: this site has "handpicked nursing scholarships" in its database.

#8. The College Board site tells you how to be organized in your scholarship search, and also which sites and areas to check in order. For example, they suggest to start with a Personal Inventory before searching.

#9. Also try the big site, They have oodles of resources.

#10. And we can't forget Fastweb, a site which is being mentioned a lot online lately. They do a great job.

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