Sunday, December 26, 2010

Do you want to get an Art scholarship?

Are you an artist? Would you like to take some classes online or in person?

You can find some super-great information online at some of the most famous scholarship sites. They have special pages just for art students who would like a scholarship or grant.

Here are just a few of the best ones: Art Scholarships
This is one of the largest scholarship sites. I used to think it was not a quality site, just because of its webpage address ( But it's a good site.

The OEDb Art Scholarships page (OEDb is the Online Education Database)

The College site Art Scholarships page

The Fastweb Art Scholarships pages

College Degrees' Art Scholarships page (this page also lists Drama and Dance scholarships and more).

New Art Scholarship applicants: If you have never made a portfolio, and want an Art scholarship, you need to gather all of your work and put it online, if possible. Then you simply can link to your work as part of your application. Use your digital camera or simply scan smaller work to add it. You can put your portfolio on an existing site you have, or you can use a free site. There are more and more free art portfolio sites coming online lately.

If you are considering attending a nearby art school, you also have the option of physically bringing your portfolio to the school too. But having a copy online is always good. If you are lucky enough to have an art school nearby, by all means to there and check out what they offer.

Art schools in your state have their own information online as well, and so do online schools. Try googling for more information near you.

AND, if you just want to get your feet wet in art, you may consider taking an art class or two privately or at a local art co-op or studio that offers classes. You can see whether you have the patience for whatever kind of art you try, and whether you want to go ahead and take out loans or spend some time filling out scholarship forms and making your portfolio.

Good luck, artists! I hope this list and advice is helpful.


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