Sunday, March 27, 2011

More great scholarship links: U.S. Veteran's Scholarships

Links for Veterans who want to go back to school.

Are you a veteran who wants to go back to school? Do you have a friend or family member who would like to go back to school or attend trade school or college, but doesn't know how?

Here are some good links I found today. There were a LOT of these links I found, compared to other searches I have done. This leads me to believe that there are even more sites out there that I will be adding to this list later on.

The G.I. Bill site - at the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs

The official FAFSA site

Veteran's Scholarship Links (from the University of Nevada). They warn: don't pay for scholarship sites or links. They should be free.

Veteran Scholarship links from the site This is a well-known site since 1999.

The Department for Veteran's Services official page: Scholarship Information for Veterans, Spouses and Dependants. (via

The Military Scholarship Finder at The site boasts of over 1,000 scholarships in their database.

The American Legion Scholarships page.

The AFCEA Veteran's Scholarship for veterans of Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom page. This scholarship application is online.
They also have a Disabled War Veteran Scholarship here.

AMVETS National Servicre Foundation.

Maryland Veteran Scholarships

VFW Scholarships for Veteran's children

Scholarships for Veterans from Las Positas College, California.

Scholarships for Veterans at the Department of Defense website

San Diego State Veterans Center Scholarships

Veterans and Dependants scholarships from the FinAid site

The Student Veterans of American site

Central Connecticut State University Veteran's Scholarships page

Veteran's Scholarship links from Columbia University, New York.

Many of these State, College, and University Scholarship sites have Veteran's scholarships from all over, so you don't have to be necessarily going to the State or College listed in order to get the information or apply for a Veteran's Scholarship.

There are also hints on HOW to fill out these scholarships on some of these sites.

I hope you find these links useful.

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