Friday, April 15, 2011

Five Super-Terrific Scholarship Sites

What makes a Scholarship site super-terrific? Well, one things that does it is being free to use. Another plus that helps is having a LOT of information on the site. And another is quality. Quality sites, quality navigation, and quality scholarships to win.

Here are five really great scholarship sites you can use right now. Some require registration, but that is to match scholarships up to you most precisely.

#1. The official FAFSA site - I always come back to this site, because it's so important to fill this out and go to the FREE official site to do so. This site is not just a loan site. It contains MANY state-specific and other scholarships that will be offered to you if you qualify and fill out the form.

#2. The FinAid site: The FinAid site is a public service site that tells you what kinds of scholarships there are, what kinds of loans there are available, and lots more. Have a question? They have many pages to read about it. It also explains how to use the next site, Fastweb. This site also explains how to NOT get scammed.

#3. Fastweb: register here, and the huge database of FastWeb searches scholarships for you. This site is absolutely free. They also have many explanation pages and match awards to your profile.

#4.The Fatomei site, or the Dr Torres site. This is a much lesser known site, but has a LOT of links and information about not just scholarships, but also grants and graduate school money. When I first discovered this site, I was so excited to see so many links listed. Just click on the area of interest, scroll down, and you will see what I mean.

#5. - this site has such a funny name, but isn't it true? Students who are in school usually ARE broke, and need money. This is another great and free site that matches scholarships to the scholars that need them. Their description says that they have MILLIONS of scholarships, grants, and fellowships in their database.

I hope these are helpful. Good luck with your scholarship search!

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