Sunday, May 8, 2011

The three most popular postings this week on the Find Scholarships and Grants site

The Top Three Find Scholarships and Grants postings for this week are:

#1: Scholarships, Grants, and more links for Native Americans
This list includes the Online Education Database (Oedb) and the Fatomei site. The Fatomei site is one I discovered years ago. It is not on many lists, but it's a treasure trove of information, including graduate scholarships, which seem so far to be a bit harder to find.

#2: Finding Scholarships only your school offers
There is much to be said about the personal touch, even today, in the age of computers and online searching for everything. If it's at all possible for you, consider going in person to nearby colleges, universities, or schools you think you might be interested. Ask to see an advisor. Often, these advisors will know about scholarships and grants only offered through that school. It's worth a shot.

#3. Veterinary School Scholarships
Is it your dream to help animals? Whether it's working with small pets, or perhaps researching with dolphins or taking care of big cats in a zoo, veterinary school can open doors for you. This list of scholarships includes some top schools (such as Oregon, the University of Wisconsin and Texas A & M) and  also some other opportunities, such as being a Vet Assistant.


And here are some more scholarship links:

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