Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pagan Scholarships, and popular postings

Hello Find Scholarships and Grants readers. I hope you are doing well.
Photo credit: Kam's World on Flickr.

I decided to list some Pagan scholarships today. I don't usually see these listed, so needed to look them up. Here are a few:

Scholarships for Pagan Students on the page

The Pagan Scholarship Fund

The Carolina Spirit Quest Scholarship

And here are (as of March 2013) The Most Popular Postings here this week:

Veterinary School Scholarships
Unusual, odd, wacky, and unknown scholarships and sites to explore

New Scholarship sites, Canada, Easy Scholarships, more

Good luck this week with your scholarship search.


Check my Nontrads Scholarship pages:

Scholarships Links and Tips Page One

Scholarships Links and Tips Page Two

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