Sunday, March 3, 2013

The U.S. Sequester may pose financial aid hardships for college students this year and next

Are you worried about financial aid since the Sequester? It seems you may have good reason.

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I have read that work-study programs may be curtailed in the future. I hope not, because many students depend on these programs.

Today I found out that ALL student aid may be in jeopardy if things continue as they have been going.

On the good side, Western Washington University said on Feb. 26th that their school will "pull money out of its reserves" to assure that their students keep their financial aid this year and next year.

WWU vows to protect students from U.S. budget cuts

And Federal Pell grants seem to be"safe from sequestration", an article in the Marquette Tribune from Feb. 28th asserts.

Student Financial aid faces large cuts from sequestration.

They go on to explain that major cuts could be possible though, for grants and work-study programs, and interest rates for student borrowers could increase another 7.6 percent.

I would say it can't hurt to make sure that you have filled out your FAFSA form anyway, and watch the news carefully, as I will also be doing.

Wouldn't it be great if all schools could tap their reserves to cover what might be a shortfall? But that assumes that schools all have a reserve. And I'll bet some don't.

Better yet, it would be even better if Congress could work something out so that hard-working and deserving students didn't have to face hardships because our government refused to work together.

That is my two cents!

I will keep my fingers crossed. I agree with many people, it's time our government did its job. Period.

What are your thoughts about this?


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