Thursday, September 26, 2013

Off to the Scholarships Page! My Scholarships Links pages, Yale Young Global Scholars, more.

I think I will put this blog on my Nontraditional Student Scholarship page.

Maybe next week.

It will then link to all the neat links here:
Scholarships Links and Tips Page One

Scholarships Links and Tips Page Two

Here are some NEW links I got this week via email from other Scholarship Blogs too:

Yale Young Global Scholars - (due Feb. 2014) from the Planning and Preparing for College Blog

Amid unstable economy, UM Students still travel abroad (Montana Kaimin news online)
And, from my last posting, here are:

The Top Five from the Find Scholarships Blog

#1. Unusual, Odd, Wacky, and Unknown Scholarships

#2. Veterinary School Scholarships

#3. 35 Scholarships Anyone Can Get - from College

#4. Are there Scholarships out there to help get a GED?

#5. New Scholarship sites, Canada, Easy Scholarships, more.

GOOD LUCK in finding your perfect scholarship.


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