Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Five most Popular Postings... info. from StatCounter

I went to look my blog postings up today on StatCounter.

Here are my five most popular postings. I am thinking I need to study these because obviously since they are most popular, people like them the best.

Thanks for reading my postings and making this (my newest blog) more popular. I appreciate that!

Make sure to comment at the end if you have an idea for a posting or want to talk about your favorite one. I think #5 is my personal favorite, because all but one are my absolutely favorite sites that have been online since I began my other blogs, and are very professional too.

#1. (most popular posting of all)
Two Sites for Shaking the Scholarship and Grant Money Tree

#2. 10 Great Links for Scholarships and Grants

#3. 35 Scholarships Anyone can Get - From College

#4. Do you want to get an Art scholarship? (my links and hints)

#5. My fun blog and site list (18 different links)

I love Statcounter because it is free, plus it has so much you can look up about your blogs on it. It not only tells how many people come to see your blog, but it also tells some of where they come from, the postings people like, what days are best for your blog, and where in the world your readers are coming from. This is so fun to see.


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