Saturday, December 21, 2013

Scholarship postings on Google+ - lots of my links, plus some others.

I found a LOT of Google+ postings from this blog on Google+ when I searched for them today.

There are a few others there too. FYI: one of my favorite bloggers and Scholarship website makers, Francisco A Tomei Torres, posts:"Search Results / Nationally Coveted College Scholarship & Graduate Fellowships" at - this is his main site.

My alma mater, WKU, posts: WKU offering Bonner scholarships - students are doing community service with groups such as the ALIVE Center locally.

From the website:
"Bonner Leadership Scholars complete 10 hours of community service, professional development and personal enrichment activities each week in exchange for their tuition scholarship.
Being able to offer a Bonner scholarship for service work is something new for WKU, but it is common to many campuses."

Then, Google talks about the Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship. "Congratulations to the 84 recipients and finalists of the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship and Google Scholarship for Students with Disabilities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa—two scholarships aimed at encouraging underrepresented students to enter the computing field.

Find a list of all scholars:"

Sara Hill shares about more Google scholarships in North America, and says:
"Google Scholarships in North America - Now accepting applications! | Google Student Blog
The Knight Foundation posted about winners of the "FreeToTweet" Scholarship competition from the 1 For All Organization. "Writer Alex Knapp shares his favorite winning tweet: “I write out of passion. They sing for joy. He worships in love. She gathers in support. We petition in hope. We are #freetotweet.”"

So, going to Google+ IS worth it to find out more interesting #scholarships and #scholarship news.


Good luck finding YOUR perfect scholarship.

And don't forget to check my Nontrads Scholarship pages:

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