Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Find Scholarships and Blogs 2014 - the best links for #FREE #scholarships and #grants

Scholarships and Grants for 2014 - my favorite listings and sites

Yes, you will find some new #scholarships and #grants for GED's, College, Universities, and Technical Schools, plus graduate student grants and fellowships this year. I will be sharing them as I find them. There are also some tried and true sites and helpful links that I love to share regularly on this blog.

Regular readers will recognize these. Are you actively looking on these sites? It's good if you are.

Here they are:

The OFFICIAL FAFSA site (check here first if you are wanting to go to college or grad school)

The Fatomei/Dr. Torres site (especially helpful for unusual and/or other resources such as graduate school scholarships, internships, and more, plus scholarships and grants) - their description of the site: "Highly competitive and prestigious undergraduate college scholarships, graduate fellowships, education grants, summer jobs & research internships, awards for high school seniors & students, women, minorities, Hispanics, African Americans, nurses, engineers, teachers studying math, science & engineering and health professions from national & international foundations. Free financial aid, student loans, prizes, stipends."

The Fastweb site: sign up here and get your personalized emails about the #scholarships YOU want to find out about.

Add a few more free #scholarship and #grant websites from the Nontraditional Student site 
(Page one ( How to apply and more...)  and Page two (More about the FAFSA and more...) and you are ready to go.

And it doesn't hurt to go to your local Employment office and ask about what might be available for you in terms of work training. You never know!

Just saying.

Here is a bit about me: I am a former Nontraditional Student and Grant "Winner" who never did apply for #scholarships (YET), but who decided to share and research them just in case she wanted to later. 

I love to blog, so added this to my other pages. I hope they are helpful.

Post here if you have some other sites YOU like too.

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