Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Knuckle down... and never give up on looking for that great scholarship or grant.

A thought for today:

Don't give up just because there are many applicants for scholarships.

You may think that all scholarships are already taken, and that only the genius applicants will get the nod.

It is not true. 

Things like service, clubs, groups, specialized knowledge, entrepreneurship, background, residency, special skills, and many more things are taken into account when scholarships or grants are awarded.

You need to give a scholarship or grant search the seriousness and organization you give other important things, like looking for a job or doing research.

Just saying.

Here are some postings to help you in your scholarship search:

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How to Organize your Scholarship Search.

Good luck on your search - - and I hope you find a GREAT scholarship or grant.


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